Tips to find the Best Tax Preparer around You


Hiring a tax preparer or an advisor to apply for tax return is mandatory. Most of us while hiring a professional tax advisor ignore their credentials. This is scary because we tend to share our personal details such as bank accounts, marriage certificates, and social security number and so on. Therefore, it is important to know the details of the tax advisor or agent. This list will help you when you hire a professional tax agent next time.

1. Don’t be shy in asking their tax identification number – Every tax agent is given an identification number when they start their practice. It is important to ask their identification number when you apply for tax returns. The tax department will also ask for the agent’s identification number.

2. Research on the fees –Every tax agent’s fees is different. But a genuine tax agent charges by the hour. Avoid hiring a tax agent who promises you to get a bigger refund,and charges on the size of the refund. 

3. Avoid signing on blank tax forms – Tax law requires tax agents to sign and provide their clients returns along with the identification numbers. Avoid singing on a blank tax form to be safe from misuse.

4. Make sure your agent supports you–After a filing session, a genuine tax agent will always receive your phone calls, reply to your text or emails and available for guidance.

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