Thing You Must Know About Hybrid Horsepower And Motors

There are obviously Porsche’s 918 that, despite having 800 horsepower on tap, promises to reunite 78 miles to the gallon. To a motorhead, that is automotive nirvana. But at $900,000 dollars, it is not a car that every Tom, Dick, and Harry can manage. Ferrari has also declared a 900 horsepower hybrid that will be launched very soon, but when it comes to affordability, we are not holding our breath on this one also.

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At the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the Honda CR-Z. Designed as the replacement for its popular CR-X, it’s turned into a lukewarm reception from many enthusiasts due to its anemic power output. For a generation that has been brought up on giant-killing VTEC motors, the CR-Z’s power train package leaves much to be desired.

 As a technology demonstrator, however, it proves that it is possible to construct frugal yet lively cars. And spirited it is because most people who’ve driven the automobile concur that some choice aftermarket upgrades such as a coil-over suspension could make the car a blast to drive, given more power. Compounding the CR-Z’s low power is how hybrid methods weigh more.

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