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How Does Deluxe Cross-Sell Program Works?

For all companies in developing who want to make solid foundations to their business or the ones that are already in major expanding phase, figuring out the perfect moment to target customers with new loan offers or products, is a real challenge. That’s where deluxe for business owners shows its magic. Deluxe specialize in monitoring customer behaviors and predicting likelihood of each customer next move. Therefore, you can precisely time when to approach your customer and with kind of offer. This will help you focus your spending, improve your lead conversion rate and increase your marketing ROI.

Every marketing professional knows that is much harder to retain customer’s attention to their services and products than acquiring a new one. Focusing on obtaining new customers very often can cost 4 to 10 times more than to keep the existing one. Deluxe for business of every client use programs based on data modeling, insight scoring, consumer signals and prescreening methods, that enable you find the right moment for the right customer with right product. Each of these methods are conducted and monitored by experienced experts, and final result is major lift of 75% in engagement and conversion. This improvement is very appreciated and used by many financial institutions from all around the world.