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Making Music Then and NOW

Like every object in this universe music is also driven by a beat, which makes a song alive because without music a song is nothing but just a combination of words, to make a song more catchy and progressive beats are used so that more and more people can enjoy rather than those who simply concentrate on the lyrics. Now in this generation of music industry where everything is going virtual it’s hard to create a unique beat. The musical instruments that you used  to buy for one self are now available in different form of software’s such as virtual DJ that offers the user a complete impression of original DJ console so it makes easy for young artist to create music which was not very easy few years back because the musicians don’t get proper equipment’s and also the social media boom was not very much live in early 90’s and you have to promote the song by using the posters instead of sharing the flicks over the internet.

In today’s world all you need is a laptop and an internet connection to create music, but this makes the competition more tough as the expensive musical instruments are now within the reach of more and more artist, however there are many who don’t care about making a beat as they use much smarter alternative and that is to buy beats online instead of spoiling nights in the studio this can also save money along with time. The new generation is fast and more active socially which make them updated with every latest scoop about the music industry. So a lot of things have changed from 90’s to 20th century but still no one can imagine their life without music.