Awesome Things in South Cebu

What would you do if you’re given a short break from your busy life? Where would you go if you want to reward yourself after the hard work and weeks of stress? What if you will just have a limited time to relax and be one with nature? Now, you have nothing to worry about because we’ll help you in planning your next great adventure. You can head on Southern Cebu for a blissful experience, and we’re sure that you will encounter amazing things there. You’ll never run out of things to do there, and that’s rest assured.

First Time First

You prepare everything especially planning about your transportation going Southern Cebu. You may prefer renting a van or just ride some public transportation but if you really want to really know Cebuanos then we suggest that you ride a bus. You can ride the bus from the Cebu South Bus Terminal going to you first destination. You might actually be challenged by language barrier but don’t worry because this trip will really be incredible.

Unleash Your Inner Daredevil by Kawasan Canyoneering

Are you type of person that loves adrenaline rush then you should never miss going to Kanlaob River in Alegria for the Kawasan Canyoneering. You can jump on cliffs and waterfalls from 5 to 65 feet. No more backing out because this will challenge you to conquer the fear in you. You’re not actually required to jump on the 50 feet to 65 feet, but I think your experience won’t be complete if you won’t try to jump there as well. You can enjoy the relaxing view of the nature that would surround you and meet new friends as you encounter them.

Witness the Majestic Tumalog Falls

No words nor pictures can ever describe the beauty of Tumalog Falls. You can never miss the spot if you want to really be amazing by wonders of nature in Southern Cebu.

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