5 Different Types Of Cars

Men love cars. With changing phase of technology and advancement in science, there has been a major thrift in automobile technology. Cars are not all about speed, comfort, luxury and technology.  The technology of car dates back to early 20th century when Ford motor company made it available for masses. Birth of this technology dates back to 1886 when German inventor Karl Benz built his benz patent motorwagen. Over the century a number of car manufacturers have emerged out in global market serving advanced technology automobile. Present day Sydney is filled with availability of major international automobile brands offering numerous variety. Be it volkswagen, ferrari, hyundai or any other every type is available. Limousine hire in Sydney is available as well. Here are different types of cars that are normally used :

Hatchback: Hatchback is normally the cheapest passenger cars available in market. It is a four wheel wagon type that does not have an extended boot space.

Sedan: Sedans are an extension of hatchback. It ranges from luxury sedan to mid level sedan. Sedans are 5 seater vehicle with extended boot space than hatchback.

Sports Utility Vehicle: Also known as SUV, these vehicle are masculine in looks. Their measurements in height, length and ground clearances are higher than regular vehicle. It provides traction and off roading capability.

Hypercar: Hypercars are cars with enormous engine capacity and great power. These are way better in performance in terms of speed and acceleration than conventional cars.

Limousine/ Stretch: The concept of limousine is to provide space and luxury. Limousine is stretch is basically a concept. Any car when reworked and stretched into a longer version is limousine. Limo service in Sydney normally buy such cars. It is seen in society as a symbol of luxury and rich. SUV prove to be best limousines due to its engine capacity to hold such long car and providing space in it.

Coupe: Coupe is a two door variant of sedans.

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